Pearl Gemstone

Why Basra Pearl Considered To Be The Best Pearl?

  The city of Basra, in modern day “Iraq” where the Basra Pearls ware found. The ‘Basra Pearl’ has been admired in India for its beauty, [...]

Treat Your Partner With Beautiful Pearl Necklace

Want to sing in intense love and passion in your marital life on 30th wedding anniversary! Apparently, love and passion are quoted to be the two sides of the [...]

Should Pearl Be Worn During Chandra Mahadasha?

Pearl or moti stone has always captivated everyone's imagination with its indisputable elegance and beauty. It is considered to be the birthstone for the [...]

Best Occasions To Wear Pearl Stone Jewelry Items

wearing pearl for shopping
The light color pearl stone dazzles everyone with its elegance and simplicity. It is one of its type of jewelry which is equally popular with classes and the [...]

5 Myths About Pearl Gemstone You Would Love To Know!

Pearl is one of the oldest and universal of all gemstones. Therefore, there are many popular myths and superstitions have been strung with the pearl [...]

Moonstone VS Pearl Gemstone

People often confuse between the pearl stone and moonstone. They often mix up the identities of both gemstones. Most people perceive that both pearl and [...]

Buy Pearl Online: The Best Place To Buy Pearl Stone Online

Pearl Gemstone
Buying pearls online is an extremely hard work because of the amount of risk involved in it and trust factor. However, the consent of buying things online has [...]

Which Metal A Pearl Should Be Worn With?

Pearl or Moti is a cold gemstone and it enhances the power of the moon in the horoscope of an individual. The moon signifies motherhood, peace, generosity, [...]

Pearl Gemstone Rings, Necklace Best Gift For Wedding Anniversary

The wedding is conceded being one of the most important and pleasing moments in the life of both men and women. And, an anniversary is an occasion which [...]

Pearl Gemstone – The Birthstone Of Month June

Pearl gemstone is designated as an astrological stone due to its benevolent association with the planet Moon. This gemstone is also regarded as the birthstone [...]