Pearl Gemstone

Difference Between Pearl And Coral Gemstone

Pearl gemstone and coral stone are quite identical in nature. The reason for the  above statement is that both stones are being captured from sea water. And, [...]

Pearl The Gemstone Loved By The Women Utmost

With the uprising trend of fashion, there is no confinement over the availability of ornaments. But pearl ornaments have distinct value just as diamonds, [...]

When To Wear Pearl Or Moti Gemstone

Pearl Gemstone
Over the years, due to its sheer beauty and astounding astrological properties, pearl gemstone has succeeded in earning a great reputation among the [...]

How To Clean Pearl Gemstone

pearl ring
Pearl gemstone or moti  stone in Hindi is one of the most important gemstone available in the gem market. The importance of this stone can be felt from the [...]

Why Pearl Gemstone Is Called Gemstone Of The Moon?

Around the world, there are different type of gemstones are being found and they hold a significant value in gem family. For centuries, people have been [...]

Where To Buy Cultured Pearl Stone Online?

pearl gemstone
This is a pretentious question in front of every gem lover, which he/she confronts every now and then while buying gemstone online. The core reason behind the [...]

Is Pearl Stone A Natural Gemstone?

pearl gemstone
The natural gemstones are that gemstones that does not create either positive or negative impact on the life of its wearer. These gemstones are being worn [...]

Different Types Of Pearl Gemstone (Moti Ratna)

pearl gemstone ring
Generally, the gemstones are derived or originated from the mines or deep forest. And, in earlier days it was mostly rare to find gemstones or mineral aside [...]

Usefulness Of Pearl Gemstone (Moti)

Pearl gemstone pendant
Ever since the discovery of the pearl stone it has gained significant importance among people of every class. A person generally adores subscribing this stone [...]

Pearl Stone: A Composition of Aragonite And Conchiolin

Often, people regard pearl as a gemstone, however, in reality, the pearl (Moti) is not a mineral in spite of that it is a composition of minerals [...]