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Should Pearl Be Worn During Chandra Mahadasha?

Pearl or moti stone has always captivated everyone's imagination with its indisputable elegance and beauty. It is considered to be the birthstone for the [...]

Pearl Gemstone Rings, Necklace Best Gift For Wedding Anniversary

The wedding is conceded being one of the most important and pleasing moments in the life of both men and women. And, an anniversary is an occasion which [...]

What Is Cultured Pearl Gemstone

pearl gemstone rings
A cultured pearl gemstone is a technique of producing or developing pearl stone with human intervention. This technique is a sheer distinct way of developing [...]

Pearl Stone: A Composition of Aragonite And Conchiolin

Often, people regard pearl as a gemstone, however, in reality, the pearl (Moti) is not a mineral in spite of that it is a composition of minerals [...]

Introduction To Different Types of Pearl Stone

Pearl stones are one of the most overwhelming gifts which nature has endowed to humankind. Ever since the invention of pearl stone, it has been used [...]