The Natural Pearls are mainly found in Japan, Australia, Persian Gulf, USA, Tahiti and India. Fresh Water Pearls are found in Japan, USA and China.  Mainly Cultured Pearls are produced in Japan and China . However, Australia, Myanmar and Thailand also produce pearls commercially. In India, Hyderabad is one of the largest producing, manufacturing and drilling Pearl center.

Best Source of Pearl / Moti

  • Bahrain Pearl

Natural Pearls were found in many parts of the world. Present day natural pearling is confined mostly to seas off Bahrain.

Other Origins of Pearl / Moti

  • Sri Lankan Pearl
  • Indian Pearl
  • Persian Gulf Pearl
  • Venezuela Pearl
  • Maxican Pearl
  • Australian Pearl

Pearls are found in Sri Lanka, India, Persian Gulf, Venezuela, Mexico and Australia. In India, best Pearls come from Bay of Bengal. Australian Pearls are cheaper than the Pearls of other countries and are less desirable. Sri Lankan Pearls are the best Pearls among all the countries. But Bahrain Pearls are highly prized.