Pearl Stone: A Composition of Aragonite And Conchiolin

Pearl Stone-A Composition of Aragonite And Conchiolin
Often, people regard pearl as a gemstone, however, in reality, the pearl (Moti) is not a mineral in spite of that it is a composition of minerals called Aragonite and Conchiolin (which is an organic compound).  In other words, we can say that pearl gemstone is the combination of calcium and protein. Thus, it is said that wearing pearl stone (Moti) strengthens the bones of the human being.

Unlike, other stones which have been mined from rocks or forests, the pearl stone is formed deep inside the sea due to the continuous compilation of aragonite and conchiolin material over an irritant inside the mollusk.  The appearance of mollusk cell is dull and lack of luster.

A pearl stone which is originated inside these mollusks have the circular shape, however, it is also determined that other shapes of pearl possible. Sometimes a pearl stone becomes a blister due to stone adhesiveness near to the wall of shells. The color of pearl stone is extensively white or gray nonetheless at some locations in the world black pearl also spotted.

Pearl History:

In earlier days, pearl hunting used to be done to locate the single piece of pearl gemstone (Moti in Hindi). The divers or plungers used to risk their lives in order to find a pearl stone. In spite of the high risk involved in this activity divers used to dive deep inside the sea to search pearl beads. However, keeping in mind the complexity involves in collecting or gathering pearl from pearl hunting technique, the government of almost all countries implied the ban on this life treating activities.

Cultured Pearl Stone:

Therefore, countries like Japan and Sri Lanka started to crop pearl stone artificially in the reserved area inside the water. The stone which is being achieved is called a cultured pearl stone. To produce a cultured pearl stone, an irritant is intentionally placed inside the oyster that continuously deposits the layer of aragonite and conchiolin inside the oyster shell. Thus, due to repetitive deposition of the above-mentioned material after a certain period of time the pearl stone is formed.

The shape of the cultured pearl stone is identical to natural pearl stone and the color is also somewhat gray and white.  A natural pearl stone takes several years to form, on the other hand, a cultured pearl stone form in six month due to the fact that while cropping a cultural pearl stone the seed of pearl is positioned inside the oyster by human thus, it takes comparatively less time to produce a cultured pearl stone.

The market of pearl is growing rapidly due to an abundant number of productions of cultured pearl every year. Due to its elegant color and beautiful shape, especially women adores wearing pearl sets: pearl, gemstone engagement ring, pearl necklace, pearl bracelet.  The price of pearl stone has gone down due to the introduction of cultured and freshwater pearl stone.

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