The Nine Colored Pearls And Their Symbolic Meaning


Pearls are the only gemstone that comes from live creatures. They come in different sizes, colors, and forms. Commonly nine colors are introduced the most. Each color of the pearl signifies some specific symbols. People used to select the colors of pearls accordingly as per their requirements so that they can make their life happier and successful.

Pearls with their symbolic meaning:


1. White Pearls

White is the most classic and widely preferred pearl color. Akoya pearls, Freshwater pearls, Tahitian pearls (rarely in white), and South Sea pearls grow in natural white color. A white pearl gemstone is a symbol of beauty, purity, innocence, and new beginnings. They are available in different sizes from 1 mm to 20 mm. White pearls are the first choice in the jewelry of every woman.


2. Black Pearls

Black is the second most popular color in pearls. These pearls are very attractive with their exotic look and symbolize strength, mystery, independence, and richness. These are the symbol of wisdom too. The size of Black pearls lies from 8 mm to 16 mm. Black pearls are also known amidst the name of Black Tahitian pearls because they are found in French Polynesia and Mexico. Akoya type of pearls also produces black pearls, and they are found in Japan and China.


3. Gold pearls

Gold pearls represent wealth and prosperity, just like gold. These are grown in the gold-lip variety of the South Sea pearl oyster. Thus, they are known with the name of Golden south sea pearls. These pearls are very rare in the market. They are 8 mm to 20 mm in size. Akoya pearls may also be grown in golden color. They are found in Australia and the tropical lagoons of the Philippine.


4. Pink pearls

Pink pearls are normally found in the ponds of China and Japan. They are in soft pastel color and look very romantic. Their color does not change or fade. These pearls are the symbol of fame, romance, success, good future, and energy. They are between 6 mm to 9.5 mm in size. If you are looking for a pink, peach, or lavender pearl, so basically you are looking for a white Akoya pearl with a rose overtone.


5. Purple pearls

Purple pearls are the most fabulous pearls. They are Akoya pearl is those that are overpowered with purple shades. Tahitian pearls, silver, and gold south sea pearls are found in lavender shades, and they are known as purple pearls. These are the symbol of passion, nobility, wisdom, artistic, and complexity. The size of these pearls is from 6 mm to 16 mm.


6. Blue pearls

Blue pearls are the unique and rarest pearl. It expresses the beauty of the human eye and romantic relationships. Natural blue pearls come in pastel Sky Blue or dark Midnight Blue colors, with an even wider array of dazzling overtones (green, blue-green, cerulean, teal, violet and more).

Blue pearls symbolize trust, truth, courage, and tranquility. Natural blue pearls are available in Akoya pearls, Silver-Blue White South Sea, and Tahitian pearl types. The size of these pearls varies from 8 mm to 14 mm. They are mainly found in Japan and Vietnam.


 7. Yellow Pearls

Yellow pearls are not so popular in the market. But they have a different personality. They are the symbol of clarity, optimism, creativity, and happiness. The size of these lies between 6 mm to 16 mm. Lillian’s Yellow pearls are mostly grown on the island of Java, Indonesia.

The region of the Pinctada Maxima is responsible to produce South Sea pearls in golden-lipped. They are white pearl with yellow shades on them. These are found in the Philippines. Akoya pearls are another type of yellow pearl. They are produced in China. Australia also produces yellow pearls on a large scale.


8. Green Pearls

Green is the next most beautiful and phenomenon color of pearls. A person, who wants to start a new chapter of his /her life, may purchase a green pearl because this pearl represents luck and wealth in life.

These pearls come in three types of pearl, that are – Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea. Green pearls are the symbol of growth, balance, nature, hope, and renewal. The size may lie between 4 mm to 12 mm.


9. Chocolate Pearls

The most luxurious-looking pearl color is Chocolate. Chocolate pearls have a rich personality. Now in days, this pearl is very much in-demand in the fashion industry. They symbolize healing, comfort, and protection, harmony and dependability. These certified gemstones size lie between 9 mm to 14 mm. Tahitian Natural Chocolate pearls are found in French Polynesia. They are in natural colors. Their colors do not fade.

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