The Nine Colored Pearls And Their Symbolic Meaning

The Nine Colored Pearls And Their Symbolic Meaning

Pearls gemstones are the oldest gems in nature and were discovered accidentally along the seashores.

Unlike other mineral gemstones found in mines, pearls are located deep in sea beds. Today the natural pearls are rare owing to climatic changes which have disrupted their formation. However, cultivated and synthetic pearls today dominate the jeweler market.

The blessed moon gems help one to achieve the physical and mental deliverance from acute unrest.e range of origins, shapes, and color, pearls has been one of the most desirable gems for jewelry. One can wear any color according to its trusted symbolic significance.

1. White Pearl

When it comes to purity, the classic white color pearl comes first in one’s mind. To celebrate weddings or any other auspicious occasion with subtle elegance, these south sea pearls are believed to be the best of all as it symbolizes beauty, innocence, and a new beginning.

White pearls are available in different sizes varying from 1 mm to 20 mm.

2. Black Pearl

Black pearls with its exotic looks represent mystery, independence, riches, and strength. Only Tahitian pearls from French Polynesia and Mexico are natural black colored pearls, while black Akoya or black freshwater pearls are often treated to get the black tone.

The size of Tahitian pearls generally lies between 8 mm to 16 mm. In mythology, black pearls are believed to be the symbol of wisdom.

3. Golden Pearl

Golden south sea pearls are considered as the rarest golden cultured pearls. The tropical lagoons of Philippine and Australia are famous for the source of these pearls.
The warm tone and hues of yellow, silver, rose and champagne of this gem has increased its popularity. Golden pearls are available in different sizes from 9 mm to 16 mm. People believe it is the symbol of wealth and prosperity.

4. Pink Pearl

The color pink is generally found in the freshwater pearls in aquaculture ponds in China. This provides a radiant glow of gold, rose, and aquamarine.

Pink pearls are available in different sizes for jewelry purposes. It symbolizes energy, success, good fortune, romance, and fame.

5. Purple Pearl

Purple pearls symbolize artistic nature, nobility, and passion of people. In the education field, professionals may get the immense result wearing purple pearls.

6. Blue Pearl

Since the blue pearls are considered as unique, it presents the spirit of individuality. It draws the beauty of the human eye and romanticizes relationships. Blue pearls are available in several color hues and sizes.

7. Yellow Pearl

For obtaining creativity, optimism, clarity in character, and living happily one should wear yellow pearls.

8. Green Pearl

While having a beautiful shape, and unique color, the green pearl is the symbol of nature, hope, growth, and balance in human life. One, who wants to start a new chapter of his life may think of purchasing a green pearl.

9. Chocolate Pearl

The recent craze for wearing chocolate pearls is increasing as its sheer beauty can take one’s breath away.
One can buy this certified gemstone in size between 9 mm to 14 mm.

As a natural gemstone, pearl with its various color has several effects on the human body and mind.

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