Types of Japan Pearls

Types of Japan Pearl

Pearl Gemstone

Pearl gemstone is well known as Queen of the Sea. It is in coordination with Moon which influences mind, emotions.etc.
White pearl can be used by a person having Cancer, Scorpio or Piscean Ascendant If the planet Moon is weak and afflicted, pearl helps vastly especially during the mahadasa and antardasa of Moon.

Benefits of wearing pearl

 Natural Pearl is used to negate the ill effects of moon and it also strengthens the mind force and impart good sleep. Wearing Pearl gemstone extremely useful for ladies as it leads to increase in their beauty and adds to their facial glow. It also brings good harmonious relation between husband and wife. Moon is calm, happy, compassionate, and benevolent by nature. It indicates mental balance, abundance, creativity.

Professions which are benefited by wearing Pearl

Business related with arts, medicines, milk, oil , exports, beverages are beneficial.

Japan Pearls

Japan is the home of the “Pearl King”

We shall discuss six types of Japanese pearls.

Akoya Japan Pearls

Japan is currently the most bountiful producer of Akoya pearls over 7mm which are the most famous saltwater pearls.
Korea ,Hong Kong , and Sri Lanka are also the producer of Akoya pearls. China is the largest supplier of Akoya pearls.
The colour of Akoya pearls occurs in natural white, light pink or yellow colour and present in nature in round shape.
Only one pearl Keshi pearl is collected from one oyster. So sea pearls command higher price than the fresh water pearls.

The colour of Akoya pearls can also be blue.

Keshi Japan Pearls

This term is generally used for a range of different pearls.

On cultivation of Akoya pearl ,pearls are formed. They are formed when microorganism of pearl nucleus microorganisms remains of mantle tissue enter the Akoya oyster. Generally oyster builds up shield around these contaminants and lead to production of Keshi pearl. Keshi pearls are generally smaller in size. So they have lower cost.

Biwi Japan Pearls

In ancient time, Lake Biwi in Japan lead to production of large quantities of Biwi freshwater cultured pearls. Aggravating pollution has led to reduction in the formation of these pearls which was earlier known to be the world’s first cultivation of fresh water pearl.It was known for for its high quality.

Kasumiga Japan Pearls

Lake Kasumigara present in the north of Tokyo is the site of producers of Kasumiga and Kasumi pearls. Kasumi pearls are scarce among most of the freshwater pearls. The colours of pearls range from white to golden and from purple to pink

Mikimoto Japan Pearls

Mikimoto, like Blue Lagoon line is cheap pearl. This Pearl is beautiful for making jewelry.

Abalone Japan Pearls

Abalone pearls are found along the coasts of Thailand, Korea, Australia, Japan, New Zealand South Africa. The size of pearls found varies from each country. The red abalone is known to be one of the biggest pearl and produce the California pearls.

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