5 Myths About Pearl Gemstone You Would Love To Know!


Pearl is one of the oldest and universal of all gemstones. Therefore, there are many popular myths and superstitions have been strung with the pearl gemstone from centuries.

Nobody is sure whether this belief and stories about pearl stones are true or fake.

So, it is entirely up to you to either believe in these superstitions and stories or ignore it. Now, let’s talk about some popular beliefs and superstitions attached to the mesmerizing pearl stone.

5 Myths About Pearl Gemstone

  • The first of its kind superstitious about pearl gemstone which is quite famous is that pearl stone should never be incorporated with the engagement rings because pearl represents tears and sadness.
  • So, it is said that if a woman wears many pearls, so, she would have to shed numerous tears in her marriage. Therefore, a woman should never adorn a pearl stone engagement ring.
  • Wearing pearl stone in the form of a ring will bring good health, fortune, luck and prosperity to their wearer.
  • It was also believed that wearing pearl stone cures jaundice, prevents from a snake bite and insect bite.
  • Since pearl gemstone is discovered from the sea. It was believed that wearing pearl gemstone prevents divers from the shark attacks.
  • One other popular superstitious or believe attached with the pearl stone was that wearing this stone would forecast death, accidents and severe illness.

These are the list of some popular superstitions, myths, and beliefs attached to the natural pearl stone. However, nobody can confidently claim that whether these beliefs are true or not.


A person who believes in these superstitious might get affected by them, whereas; a person who does not believe in these beliefs might not feel anything.

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