Why Basra Pearl Considered To Be The Best Pearl?


The city of Basra, in modern-day “Iraq” where the Basra Pearls ware found. The ‘Basra Pearl’ has been admired in India for its beauty, healing effects and medicinal properties. These pearls have featured in history.

Now ‘Basra Pearls’ are ‘gulf Pearls’ which are available in various colors (golden, pink, peach and visible the dark ones) quite unusual. Also, the term is broadly used to mean natural pearls from any source.

About Basra Pearl

Basra pearls are light in weight as compared to other natural Pearl stone. This is due to the same material thin layer over layer deposits. Other Pearls have a solid chalk-like core. The layers either are golden, Blackish gray, but the golden one is the Best.

No Natural Pearl would be chalky on the inside and shiny on the outside if a Pearl is chalky, it is chalky on the outside too, and therefore an inferior pearl.

The Basra pearls are highly valued and known for its light scattering effects and its Purity. Because of its Resemblance, it’s associated with the moon. ” pearl” Belongs to the ‘Moon’ and the zodiac sign ‘cancer’.

According to astrology, the moon influences the human mind very much. Pearl gemstone pacifies passions and mental inconsistency and strengthens the heart. It also brings luster to the human face.

Pearl brought by a mother for her child is much beneficial for the child as compared to others. Pearls are renowned for bringing Luxury and good health in the life of the wearer.

That Natural Basra pearl powerful and efficient is the Basra pearl that legend says that Just to view a real Basra pearl is a wonderful fortune.

Having said so, Basra pearl is the most expensive gemstone, therefore a person with tight on the budget could not afford it.


Therefore, he/she may opt for other types of pearl gemstones: Indian, African, and Sri Lanka. They are cheap in comparison to Basra pearls stone don’t put much burden on Buyers pocket.

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