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Different Types Of Pearl Gemstone (Moti Ratna)

Generally, the gemstones are derived or originated from the mines or deep forest. And, in earlier days it was mostly rare to find gemstones or mineral aside from rocks and dense forest. However, gradually, it was discovered that besides spotting these precious or auspicious gemstones from the mines or forests.

It can be found deep in the sea, pearl stone (Moti Ratna) is a living example of organic gemstone which is derived or spotted from the seawater. The pearl gemstone is mostly or majorly composed of the material calcium, which is considered good for the health.

The pearl or Moti gemstone forms inside the mollusk due to the presence of an iridescent that is held responsible for the formation of pearl bead. Due to the creation of pearl gemstone inside the sea, it is possible that varieties of pearl stone can be large.

Variety Of Pearl (Moti Ratna)

Tahitian or Black Pearl Stone

The Tahiti nor black pearl gemstone (Moti) is a valuable pearl stone that is difficult and very rare to find. The Tahitian black pearl is found on the island of Tahiti and in the pacific ocean. Apart from black color, the Tahitian pearl stone can be found in other colors such as green to white and yellow.

White Color Akoya Pearl Stone

The white color Akoya pearl stone is an extremely popular gemstone that generally appears white. Nevertheless, in a few parts of the world akoya pearl stone is treated with the intent of providing different colors to this stone.

Normally the color may range from dark black to light black. The Akoya pearl stone is hugely cultivated in the areas like Japan, China.

The shape of the Akoya pearl stone is totally round and shine or luster of this stone is like a mirror. Along with this, the Akoya pearl which is acquired from china is smaller in comparison with Japan Akoya pearl. Furthermore, the Akoya pearl is the best example of a saltwater pearl stone.

The Freshwater Pearl Stone

It can be produced or shape inside the mussels of pearl. And, each mussel of the pearl is competent of producing 50 pearl stones. Despite, their ability to produced or in general a large quantity of pearl stone; it is not much popular in the market due to its potato-like shape.

Nevertheless, due to the advancement in technology and with the continuous efforts of gemologists recent freshwater pearl stones have been placed in the array of high-quality pearl stone. The creation of the freshwater pearl is closer to natural pearl stone. Furthermore, the freshwater pearl stones are found in different colors such as blue, pink, peach, purple.

Cortez Pearl Stone (Moti Ratna)

The Cortez pearl stone appears dark. It is principally found in countries like Mexico and Gulf of California. Besides its dark black color, this stone can also find in different colors such as violet, gold, blue and purple.

Cultured Pearl Stone (Moti Ratna)

The pearl stone which is implanted inside the mollusk with the assistance or interference of human being is termed as cultured pearl stone.  The cultured pearl stone was invented in Japan and nowadays this technique is widely being spread in order to produce or cultivate pearl stone. The color of cultured pearl stone is silver-gray and white.


Keshi Pearl Stone

Keshi pearl stones are not entirely a pearl gemstone. Otherwise, it is a pearl sac formed when an oyster rejects an implanted nucleus before the culturing process is complete.

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