Effects of Planet Moon in Vedic Astrology And Importance of Pearl

Effects of Planet Moon in Vedic Astrology

Effects of Planet Moon in Vedic Astrology



As per Astrology, the Moon planet rules over the zodiac sign Cancer. It describes the innermost needs, wishes, and desires of the person. It has the power to control the unconscious state of mind, basic habits, and reactions and feelings. According to Vedic astrology, the Moon rules habitual actions and prejudices of an individual. Sun controls all acts of prejudices moreover the moon controls their reactions.

A moon is a planet that shares a close history with mother earth and its children. It has its gravitational powers. This power directly influences the tide cycles of oceanic water. The effects of the Moon have been studied in great detail in Vedic Astrology.

The Nature of the Moon

Moon planet is considered to be a spreader of peace and calm upon the earth. It connected with the functionality of the mind. At the same time, it believes that moon controls the power of mind and versatility. It provides power to meditation and concentration. But, a weakly placed moon has malefic effects on the individual. It makes him/her a lazy, restless, and fearful person. Unlike a weak moon holder person, a person with a strongly placed moon in his/her horoscope is very sensitive and is emotionally bent down. The Moon, however, acts for the mother-child relationship.

Moon in Vedic Astrology

The Moon in Astrology denotes our feeling of happiness and unhappiness, insightful mind, our deepest emotions, receptiveness, feminine energy, home, love, intuition, mother or motherly figured in society or an organization, and wife. It also controls the water part and blood’s white portion in the human body. This planet represents silver in metals and pearls in gems because they both are cool with their nature.


Importance/Effects of Planet Moon in Vedic Astrology

  1. The effects of the moon have been studied in great detail in the astrology. Its celestial body is highly revered. People with a strong moon are calm by nature. On the other hand, people with a weak moon are lazy, fearful, and restless.
  2. Moon represents our mind. Therefore, it is able to control the power of understanding and versatility.
  3. This planet represents the mother (motherly behavior). It expresses the Divine Mother. Thus, it is able to clarify nature with others. It also clears our bond with other persons.
  4. The strong effect of both Sun and Moon in a horoscope is not good. This will have a malefic effect on the life of an individual. In this case, the person should avoid wearing pearls.
  5. A person with a strong moon is very romantic. He tends to see the world with rose-tinted glass. He has a soft corner to their mothers. The person also has a powerful bond with his mother. This planet equally helps in making marital relations good and successful.
  6. It provides details related to the wealth as well as the house style of an individual who born in the month of June. A person with a strong moon effect will get a high position in the working sector.

Pearl Gemstone

Pearl is a propitious stone that appreciates for its association with the potent planet moon. Wearing this gemstone grabs the celestial powers on the moon planet in the aura of a human being and carries calmness, peace, wisdom, and health of its wearer. Natural pearl Gemstone is the most important gemstone in Astrology.


Buy High-Quality Pearls

Hence, the Moon planet is a very important planet for its position as well as the placement in horoscope. It also reveals the secret of anyone’s inner self. Its positive effects will make our life calmer, safe, relax, and comfortable too. You are able to buy any of the pearl stones on pearl.org.in at affordable prices.

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