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How To Clean Pearl Or Moti Gemstone

Pearl gemstone or moti gemstone in Hindi is one of the most important gemstones available in the gem market. The importance of this stone can be felt from the fact that people recognized the pearl stone being the ambassador of the significant planet moon on the earth.

And, it conceived of them that wearing white color Natural pearl stone will evoke the positive power of the substantial planet moon in their respective lives.

Besides this, the impressive color and other physical attributes of pearl gemstone also entice the human being large. Aside from wearing this gemstone for the astrological purpose people can also adopt this stone in various jewelry items such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

The delicate and elegant white color of moti gemstone improves the overall appearance of a person. Especially, white pearl engagement ring, pearl necklace, pearl bracelet is immensely popular among today’s generation.

However, a pearl is an organic gemstone which means similar to the coral gemstone it is derived from the deep seawater.

Therefore, the pearl stone is quite fragile in nature, hence; extra care should be taken while wearing this stone in the form of various jewelry items.

The pearl stone jewelry items should be adorned with extra care because due to its softness chances are quite high that stone physical properties may easily get damaged.

In the context of the above discussion, we have shortlisted the following safety measure which should be taken while wearing pearl stone as jewelry.

Natural Pearl stone is organic in nature, therefore, while cleaning this stone be extra cautious. It should not be rubbed with any hard substance because doing so can cause damage to the gemstone.


Hence, to clean this stone it should be wiped off with the only moist cotton cloth with a gentle hand.

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