Pearl Gemstone | Astrological Rituals For Wearing A Pearl (Moti) Stone

Pearl Gemstone | Astrological Rituals For Wearing A Pearl (Moti) Stone


Pearl is ruled by the planet of Moon. Pearl is also known as “Moti” in Hindi. The moon express the mother or female. As per the Vedic astrology, moon rules the zodiac sign cancer.

Pearl is obtained from pearl oyster. The natural pearls that from around foreign bodies that have made their way inside the shells of marine  freshwater shellfish.

Rituals For Wearing A Pearl

Pearl should wear on Monday. For pearl, silver metal is suitable. Pearl should be touching the skin of the wearer’s finger. According to astrology, the best time to wear a moti is evening with the rising of the moon.

Methods Of Wearing A Pearl

Before wearing the ring, it should be wash with Ganga-water (on condition that Ganga-water is not available then wash it with any holy-water). When ring has been washed, it should be kept on a white cloth on which a Moon Yantra has been drawn with white sandalwood paste.

In the below the Yantra to be drawn on cloth with white sandalwood paste is as follows.

7 2 9
8 6 4
3 10 5

The wearer can also do these rituals himself. First of all, the wearer should be sitting on a straw mat facing north-west while worshiping the Yantra. After the worshiping, the Yantra is respected by a Tilak, flowers and incense should be offer with ring in the front of silver Yantra. In the end, pearl connected with the ring should be worship speaking the mantra of the Moon God.


The mantra should be spoke either 108 or 11,000 times. The wearer should meditate and after meditation, the ring should be worn. The ring should be wear, either on the ring or the little finger in the left hand. That would be possible too, wearer should donate white cloth/rice/milk/mishri to any beggar or can be given to a Pandit in a temple.

Pearl are quite graceful, so advise not to be place in cotton, because cotton can produce scratches, cracks and waves on their surface.

A ring worn by this holy method brings good luck, peace and prosperity.

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