Precious Pearl Gemstone With Its Interesting Facts


Pearl gemstone is used for making elegant jewelry pieces. Pearl is one of the most admirable gemstones of Navratna. Natural pearls are very rare to find. In astrology, Pearl signifies Moon and represents charm, love, a steady mind, softness, great family life, and many others. Pearl has many interesting facts to know about and these are given below.

Interesting Facts of Pearls

1. Come from a Living Creature

A natural pearl produces inside an oyster’s shell. An irritant stuck between two shells and it starts covering by some protective layers and after some period, these layers assemble a pearl.

2. The rarest kind of the pearls

Natural Pearls are produced by oysters’ natural habits. But not all oysters contain pearls. Less than one from thousands of wild oysters can contain a pearl. They take their own time in growing. Their shape, weight, and color depending on the nature of oysters

3.  The First-Ever Artificial Round Pearl

Kokichi Mikimoto is the first people, who created a cultured (or cultivated) pearl. He cultivated first cultured pearl in 1896 and got succession in this work. His quote for this was to “adorn the necks of all women around the world with pearls.”

4. Most Selling Pearls are Cultured Pearls

Kokichi Mikimoto has changed all pearl industry by creating the first cultured pearl. Today, almost all over the world, only cultured pearls are sold. They are used as a substitute for natural pearls. Nowadays, 99% of pearls on the market are doing business only in cultured pearls.

5.The World’s Most Famous Pearl

La Peregrina (550 years old) is a Spanish word that means “the incomparable”. This pearl has a pear kind of shape. IT is considered one of the world’s historical and most famous pearls.


6. The World’s Most Expensive Pearl

It was found on the coast of the Philippines. A fisherman got this most expensive pearl from there. That man finds the pearl as his good luck charm. He kept this under his bed for ten years. In 2016, when the house was burned down, then fisherman found this pearl. Its length is 26 inches (world’s largest pearl) and the weight is nearly 75 pounds. This is the only reason that it cost $100 Million.

7. Cleopatra threw a most expensive dinner

Cleopatra (the Queen of Egypt) wanted to prove that she could host the most expensive dinner in history. For this, she dropped her one pearl that is studded in her earrings in the potent vinegar that was made by the world’s largest pearls. Hence, she has won the bet of organizing the most expensive dinner.

8. The Oldest Pearl Ever

Pearls are very popular from the time of Roman and Greek. Fresh researchers discovered the oldest pearl in 2012. Founders gave this the name of Umm-al-Quwain. This is believed that the pearl was more than 7,500 years old. Thus, it beat the previous old pearl record that was 2,500 years.

9. Types of Pearls

There are four kinds of pearls in which they vary in terms of size, shape, color, and value. The first type is ‘Freshwater Pearls‘. They are cultivated in lakes and rivers across China. They are the most widely available pearls. The next category of pearls is ‘Akoya Pearl’; these pearls are produced in Japan. This is one variety of saltwater pearls.


The third kind of pearls are ‘Tahitian Pearls’, these are cultivated on the island of French Polynesia. They are available in many beautiful shades black, blue, grey, green, and purple. South Sea Pearl is the next type of pearls. They come in whiter, cream, and golden colors. They are cultivated in Australia and the Philippines.

10. Available in Different Shapes

People believe that pearls come in perfectly round shapes. But this is not true. Round shaped pearls are mostly used but pearls have come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. The most common shape is round, drop, round-off, and baroque.


11. Official Birthstones for June

Pearl is the official birthstone of those who born in June. Pearl is a symbol of clarity, purity, and loyalty. It helps in improving good relationships. Thus, the pearl is a very good gift for anyone who born this month.

Pearl is also known as the synonym of the beauty and class of a woman. At one time in history, it was a symbol of richness and worn by aristocratic families only. Pearl only not have their rich history, but it continues to be one of the most famous gems and jewels today. The offers the best pearls at reasonable prices.

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