Pearl is the gemstone for the Moon planet. Moon rules the emotion and mind in the human body. Pearl is a symbol of purity and emotional clarity.

In Vastu, Pearl is used to receiving liberal energies of helpful people. Pearl gemstone is also used to control temperament as it is a cold gem.

Pearl gemstone occurs naturally in oceans and seas in oysters. Pearl is also a symbol of Love. Pearl is usually white.

Pearl (Moti) Gemstone for various Zodiac Signs

It is advised that this stone should be worn only under the strict advice of expert astrologer otherwise it can prove harmful. Astrological Benefits Of Wearing Pearl Gemstone

Pearl Gemstone or Moti for Aries

The lord of Aries that is planet Mars shares a positive relationship with the planet Moon of Pearl. It rules over the 4th house of Aries natives which altogether shares a friendly relation. If it suits the individuals, it bestows all pleasures related to the 4th house.

Pearl Gemstone or Moti for Taurus

Planet Venus rules over the Taurus ascendant which doesn’t share a good relation with the planet Moon of Pearl, while Moon rules over the 3rd house of Taurus ascendant which shows bitter relation between Moon and Venus. Generally, it is seen that in this case, Moon gives problems such as asthma and common cold quite frequently.

Pearl Gemstone or Moti for Gemini

Mercury rules the Gemini ascendant which doesn’t share a good relationship with the Moon of Pearl. Moon rules over the 2nd house of Gemini natives which makes an inauspicious combination.

If Moon gets placed over its own sign, 11th, 9th, 10th, and 12th house then, Pearl could be worn in major period for positive impacts.

Pearl Gemstone or Moti for Cancer

Moon rules over the Cancer natives and is very auspicious. It develops a very vivid positive relation. Moon rules over the 9th house, 10th house, 11th house, the 7th house that makes sure that Pearl suits the individual. Pearl bestows these natives with health and longevity.

Pearl Gemstone or Moti for Leo

The lord of Leo is Sun. Moon shares a friendly relation with Sun. Moon rules over the 12th house of Leo natives but it doesn’t make an auspicious combination. Natives of Leo should wear Pearl in a major period.

Pearl Gemstone or Moti for Virgo

Mercury planet rules the natives of Virgo ascendant. Moon shares a pleasing bond with the Mercury of Virgo. Moon rules over the 11th house of Virgo ascendant. The moon becomes the 11th Lord signifying profits.

Pearl Gemstone or Moti for Libra

Venus rules over the Libra natives. Moon rules over the 10th house of Libra ascendant. But it does not share a pleasing relationship with the Venus of Libra natives.

Besides this, wearing pearls if the Moon would get placed in the 10th house would bring great affluence to the native. A major period of Moon would bring the most effective impacts from pearl.

Pearl Gemstone or Moti for Scorpio

The Lord of Scorpio ascendant is the Mars planet. Moon owns the 9th trine of fate and fortune and is the favorable planet for the Scorpio ascendant.

Moon shares a pleasing relationship with the Scorpio natives. Wearing Pearl can reduce the bad effects of the Moon if ill-placed. Pearl along with Red Coral is more beneficial for Scorpio natives.

Pearl Gemstone or Moti for Sagittarius

The ruling lord of pearl, Moon shares a friendly relationship with planet Jupiter of Sagittarius. Moon rules over the 8th house of Sagittarius ascendant. It is not advisable to wear Pearl as Moon rules over the 8th house of losses and accidents. In this, the position of Jupiter, Mars, and Sun is considered.

Pearl Gemstone or Moti for Capricorn

Saturn rules over the Capricorn which does not share a good relationship with the planet Moon. Moon rules over the 7th house of Capricorn natives which altogether shares a bitter relationship. For this, natives of Capricorn should avoid Pearl. If it is (necessary) than wear it only in a major period of Moon.

Pearl Gemstone or Moti for Aquarius

Moon of Pearl shares an unpleasant relationship with the planet Saturn of Aquarius. Here Moon rules over the 6th house which develops a bitter relationship in between. So it is advised to these natives not to wear Pearl.

Pearl Gemstone or Moti for Pisces

The ruling lord of Pearl, Moon shares a pleasant relationship with the planet Jupiter of Pisces. It rules over 5th trine, lord of higher knowledge and diplomacy. Both Moon and Jupiter share a positive relation. This would always be highly beneficial in the major & minor periods of Moon.


Those who wear pearls, should not wear Blue Sapphire (Neelam), Diamond (Heera) and Hessonite (Gomed)  along with it.