Types Of Pearl Gemstone

Pearl gemstone is an organic gemstone form inside the sea. Since from centuries pearls have been remarked as the symbol of purity and beauty.

The pearl stone is widely being collected from different regions of the world and in many cultures and tradition pearl gemstone is widely being worn and appreciated. There are different types of pearl gemstone spotted around the world.

Natural Pearl Gemstone:

A natural pearl gemstone is a rare type of pearl stone which is not regularly being found from the sea.

It takes a long time in the creation of a natural pearl gemstone which is the reason why it is extremely valuable and holds immense importance. Furthermore, they are also costly and can’t be easily afforded.

Cultured Pearl Gemstone:

Cultured pearl gemstone does not produce natural instead of that it is an artificial procedure to create a natural looking pearl stone to meet the demand of gem lovers.

The need for producing cultured pearl stone comes to the surface because of the limited stock of natural pearl stone.

In this process, first mollusks are grown until they are old enough to produce the pearl gemstone. After that pearl beads are manually implanted inside the mollusk and likely situations have been created so that pearl gemstone can grow inside the mollusk.

Cultured pearl stones are nowadays widely being used and it fulfills the rising demand of pearl stone around the world.

A cultured pearl gemstone can be classified into two types Saltwater Pearl Gemstone and freshwater pearl gemstone

Freshwater pearl gemstone:

A freshwater pearl gemstone is growing inside the fresh water sources predominately in the lakes, rivers, and ponds of China.

The color of a freshwater pearl gemstone is white there are other colors in which a pearl stone is found like gray and cream color. The freshwater pearls are also called Akoya pearl stone its size and shape vary widely.

Saltwater Pearl Gemstone:

A saltwater pearl gemstone is grown in the sea or lakes of Japan and China. The size of the saltwater pearl is 2 mm minimum and 10 mm maximum.

The different and most popular color of a saltwater pearl is white, cream and gray. Besides this, Australia, Indonesia produces the south sea pearl stone which is a type of saltwater pearl stone.

The size of these gemstones varies from 8mm to 16 mm. Moreover, the color of pearl is green, pink, black and purple

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