The best Pearl is round and smooth with unique lustrous, yet other shapes of Pearl also exist. The planet Moon glitters through its pearl stone on the shores of the land.

The Moon is the symbol of Love and Beauty. Pearl is one of the oldest gemstones and was considered the most valuable. One can easily differentiate between Natural Pearls and Cultured Pearls.

In the modern era, pearls are cultured by man. Mostly they are from Japan.

Types of Pearl Gemstone

Natural Pearls

  • Freshwater Pearls.
  • Saltwater Pearls.

Cultured Pearls

  • Freshwater Pearls.
  • Saltwater Pearls.

Identification of Pearl Stone

Tests for Identification of a Real pearl or Moti:

  • Rub Pearl lightly across upper front teeth. Real Pearl feels rough. While imitation Pearl gives a smooth feeling.
  • Examine the Pearl surface with a Loupe. Real Pearl appears unusually fine-grained whereas Imitation Pearl appears lumpy.
  • Bounce the Pearl in your hand. Real Pearl will give heavy feelings and the Imitation one will give unusually lightweight feelings.
  • Real Pearl gives lustrous shine, soft glamour and brilliance of reflection, whereas Imitation Pearl gives dull lustrous.
  • Real Pearls are perfectly round, globular in shape and size while Imitation Pearls of any shape and size.