Treatments On Pearl Stone

Bleaching, irradiation, dyeing, skinning, oiling and staining kinds of treatments are done on Pearls. These treatments are done to enhance the color and clarity of the gemstone to get desired quality/color. These treatments done on Pearl are explained below:

Bleaching on Pearl Stone

Bleaching is done to enhance the color of the Pearl or to get desired color/quality. Bleaching is an old method which applied to Natural Pearls. Japanese factories use a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide.

The bleaching process changes the color pigments contained in the organic substance. The time required is between seven to sixty days, and it is applied until the pearls have reached a uniform white color.

Buffing on Pearl Stone

After harvest, pearls are always processed in one way or another. It removes the organic residues which follow during harvest from the surface of Natural and Cultured Pearls.

Polishing on Pearl Stone

In order to increase the luster and quality, Polishing is used to remove some birthmark from the surface of Natural and Cultured Pearls.

Irradiation on Pearl Stone

When light color Pearls are assaulted with gamma rays, the irradiated Pearls will achieve an iridescent bluish or greenish gray color.  This method works well only on Freshwater Pearls and can be used in dying.

Dyeing on Pearl Stone

Dyeing process requires experience and knowledge and there is never a guarantee of achieving the desired result. Different Pearls react differently to the same methods of treatment.

Any color caused artificially by the application of a dye to pearls can be call dying. Dyed pearls are not fakes, but people can get them much easier than pearls of natural color.

They fulfill people’s desire of special fashion in different occasions while costing less.