Health Benefits Of Wearing Natural Pearl Gemstone

health benefits of pearl stone

Good health is the greatest gift of a human being and astrology focuses on getting good health by wearing gemstones, which have amazing curative abilities. One of these gemstones is the pearl or moti, the gemstone of the Moon, which is the symbolic of mind.

Pearls are a gift of nature, formed in the depths of the sea, as opposed to other mineral based gemstones like sapphire, diamond and emerald. While white colored pearls are most common, they may come in colors like pink, blue, yellow, silver and even black.

Chemically, this smooth whitish gemstone is made of calcium carbonate, which gets deposited in concentric layers inside the mantle of a living oyster, to form this amazing and rare gemstone called pearl.

These valuable pearl gemstone are rare to find, while most of them available in the market are cultured pearls. There are a large number of health benefits associated with wearing these fabulous pearl gemstones, provided that they are suitable for the wearer as if the stone is of fine quality. Before we study the health benefits obtained from pearl, we need to know the influence of the moon on the health of the native.

Influence of Moon on Physical and Mental Health

The beautiful gemstone pearl is linked with the Moon, which is the ruler of mind, general well being and fortune of the native. It is concerned with eyesight, emotions, moods and fertility. When the moon is in malefic position, it causes ailments such as cold, cough, fever, eye ailments, throat problems, menstrual problems and intestinal problems.

Besides these physical ailments, it can also cause mental instability, depression and pessimism. By appeasing Moon, you can ward off these health problems and wearing an excellent quality natural pearl is the ideal method of doing it.

Amazing Health Benefits of Pearl

  • The curative abilities of pearl gemstone are manifold, making it an important tool for combating a wide array of health problems caused by the  ill placed Moon in the horoscope of the native.
  • A pearl can strengthen the Moon and bring relief from a large number of diseases and conditions, both physical and mental.
  • It can alleviate diseases of eyes, throat, intestines and stomach, in addition to promoting mental peace and stability.
  • The wearer of the pearl can feel the positive energies being generated within his body, strengthening his mind, promoting sound sleep and freeing him of mental tensions.
  • It balances emotions, particularly anger. This gemstone is beneficial for females, as it can help counter menstrual problems as well as promote their fertility, beauty and charm. In this way, you can experience the soothing effects of pearl to heal your body and mind.

Wearing a remedial pearl can improve the quality of your health as well as your life. But it is hard to find flawless natural pearls and they also cost more than cultured pearls, which are reasonably priced. However, you can get a certified pearl online from some reputed shopping sites such as

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