What are the Remedies of Weak Moon in Horoscope?

What are the Remedies Of Weak Moon in Horoscope

The moon in our natal chart represents the emotional center of our being. It is our soul and therefore defines who we are. If the Moon Stone planet is weak in our birth chart, it can pose a lot of problems for us. Most astrologers will tell you to wear moti gemstone close to your skin when you are battling the ill effects of a weak moon.
While that can be certainly helpful, it is important for you to learn about the possible signs of a negative moon. Unless you know them, you won’t be able to diagnose the problem and understand if something needs to be done in order to rectify your situation.
Pearl gemstone plays an effective role in reducing the Chandra Mahadasha or ill effects of Planet moon.

Here are the symptoms of weak moon and the methods to resolve such a problem.

Symptoms of Weak Moon

While it is not necessary that you have all of these traits, you may have a weak moon if most of them seem to apply for you.
• The mother is not able to remain with the child between ages of 4 years to 14 years or between 18 and 24 years.
• Things might be difficult for you when you are looking to seek help or love from members of your mother’s family.     Alternately, your mother may experience some suffering that can be rather difficult for you to bear.
• Your car may develop some problem without any apparent cause.
• Your education may remain incomplete and/or you learn small portions of numerous subjects at the same time without attaining much depth in any of them. You may even find it difficult to earn money out of the lessons that you have learned.
• When you have a weak moon and you have completed your education, your child may inevitably stay away from where you reside.
• Even if your house has all the material comforts, it may still seem without a sense of joy or liveliness, or without any attraction.
• You may experience problems with reputation, health and money if you tend to drink milk and your mother is not able to consume milk.
• There can be a lingering dampness in your living environment.
• Your neighbors are going to be a source of worry about you.
• When you have a weak Moon and your speech is bitter, you will find that your education and reputation turned to nothing.
• You may not receive any love and affection from your marriage partner.
• Your emotions remain somewhat scattered and you find it difficult to properly express your emotions; you may even hide or conceal things. Such habits of yours may lead others to doubt you.
• You don’t prefer to maintain cleanliness in your house.
• You may never be able to achieve much prosperity.
• You may get easily anxious even with small issues.
• You may experience problems related to blood pressure.
• Your muscles may remain strained.
• You may experience serious palpitations.
• You may produce a lot of mucus.

Remedies for Weak Moon

If you are looking to find a natural gemstone that can be beneficial to you then you should wear pearls as it can work great for you and minimize the ill effects of a weak Moon. There are many benefits of wearing Pearl stone, from the mental and emotional to the physical. Make sure to wear the stone in a way that is recommended by a professional astrologer to get the maximum Pearl astrology benefits.

You should also follow the remedies given below.

• Northern part of your house ever accept silver as a gift or donation.
• Donate Silver once or twice a year, even in small amounts if it is difficult for you to afford it.
• The Most beneficial remedy to be followed for reducing the weak Moon, the native should wear Pearl Gemstone Ring.
• Donate milk to others and do not consume milk on Monday.
• Avoid being egotistic about the donations that you have made and do not keep them in your mind. Make sure to thank anyone who has accepted your donation.
• Consume coconuts; wear white clothes and perform anulom vilom breathing on Sundays and Mondays.
• Recite Shiv Chalisa.
• Create a Shiva ling a crafted from silver and regularly worship it.

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