Moonstone VS Pearl Gemstone

Moonstone VS Pearl Gemstone.

People often confuse between the pearl stone and moonstone. They often mix up the identities of both gemstones. Most people perceive that both pearl and moonstone are similar of an identical gemstone.

But in reality, they are different gemstones who belong to the same planet Moon.

Moonstone is termed being the substitute of precious gemstone pearl. Pearl is a propitious stone which is praised for its affiliation with the potent planet moon.

Wearing this benevolent gemstone fetches the divine powers on the moon planet in the aura of a human being and carries peace, calmness, wisdom, and health of its wearer.

Pearl is an organic gemstone which is also called Moti stone found under the deep sea water.

It is hard to spot a natural pearl stone because it is extremely rare to find such stone. Most of the pearl stones which are being sold in the market are man-made pearl stones.

On the other hand, moonstone is a semi-precious gemstone. The moonstone is being worn as a substitute of pearl stone. Hence, in case if an individual can’t buy a natural pearl stone can wear moonstone.

Pearl Gemstone
Pearl Gemstone

The moonstone is not as powerful and benevolent as pearl stone, but still, it carries most of the cosmic rays emitted by the planet Moon which pearl stone can hold.

Moonstone is also known by these following names Chandrakantmani, Chandramani, and Godanta.

The moonstone is found in following colors white, gray, green, brown, pink and silver. The moonstone embodiment of peace, calmness, spirituality, creativity, and vitality.

The moonstone also carries vital health benefits for its wearer. It is proclaimed that wearing this stone will get a person relief from stomach related diseases as well as help a person to overcome depression and anxiety.


The incredible semi-precious gemstone also cures cold, boost concentration and resolve eyes related problems. The substitute of pearl moonstone delivers mental happiness to a person.

Who can wear moonstone: A person in whose horoscope or birth-chart moon is placed in benevolent houses should wear this stone.

Wearing this stone carries favorable results on both physical and mental levels if it suits you. The moonstone should be avoided if a moon is placed in malicious houses of the horoscope or birth chart.

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