June Birthstone: Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone

If you were born in June, Then you are lucky to have three birthstones named – pearl, Alexandria, and moonstone. Pearl is a precious gemstone that can give you peace, relaxation, confidence, and tranquility. It helps to control your mind and improves your relations. Alexandria helps to maintain a proper balance in life.

It can provide your health, prosperity, and fame. The third stone of June is Moonstone. This stone is for new beginnings and providing calmness. This is the reason of June born people feel lucky and blessed because they have three birthstones to wear. These three birthstones are discussed in detail in this blog.

Pearl Birthstone

Pearl is a single stone that comes from live creatures. They are organic gems and grow inside the tissue of an oyster or a mussel. They are assembled in the oceans (saltwater), and river and lakes (freshwater).

But, the natural pearl origin is ocean, river, or lake all around the world. Which means a natural pearl is produced between two shells by an oyster. The oysters that carry pearls are very difficult to find. Only one oyster in around ten thousand of oysters can carry pearl. They come in various sizes, shapes, or hues. They are very rare to find, that’s why natural pearls are very expensive.


Natural pearls are found in warm water under a clear sky. They are cultivated far from civilization because mollusks are failing to thrive pearls in polluted water. Akoya cultured pearls are cultivated in China and Japan. Both China and Japan are the suppliers of Akoya cultured pearls. South sea cultured pearls are cultivated between Australia to Indonesia area. Black Tahitian pearls are found in French Polynesia and the Gambier Islands.

Alexandrite Birthstone

Alexandrite stone was first discovered in the 19th century (1830). This is the birthstone of the month of June. It is also known as the ‘Friday Stone’, which means who born on Friday. This is the anniversary stone for the 55th year of marriage.

Alexandrite stone is a very rare variety that changes color in different lighting. This shows a vivid green to bluish-green color in daylight, and red to purplish-red color in incandescent light. This was found near the mine of Emerald. This stone got its name from the name of the young Alexander II.

When Alexandrite found as jewelry stone in the jewelry salons of St. Petersburg, Russia and Paris, then America’s Tiffany Company was the only one that popular this gemstone the most. The owner of Tiffany’s, George Kunz was simply in love with this gem.


Alexandrite gemstone’s first mine was near the mine of Emerald that found in the 19th century. This stone got its name from the name of the young Alexander II. America’s Tiffany Company was the one that sold this gem all around the world for decades. But now in days, most Alexandrite comes from Sri Lanka, Brazil, and East Africa. These countries contain some fine-quality stones on less-prices. This gem is very rare to find, that’s why this is one of the most valuable colored gems of the world.

Moonstone Birthstone

Moonstone gem has a unique feature that it plays with light. When the stone moves, then it shows a beautiful shimmer on it. In trade, this stone is known with the name of ‘adularescence’. Classical Moonstones are found in Sri Lanka. They are transparent and have a bluish shimmer (brown, beige, green, or orange) on them. Because of its shimmer, this is an ideal gemstone for jewelry at the time of Art Nouveau.


The classical moonstones are transparent and have a bluish shimmer on them. Traditionally, they come from Sri Lanka. They are also found in Brazil, Myanmar, USA, Madagascar, and Australia. They have also found some green, orange, and brown specimens on the market. But bluish moonstones are seemed of good quality stones and becoming rarer in recent years. This is the only reason that the prices of moonstones have risen sharply.


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Pearl, Alexandria, and Moonstone are three birthstones of the month of June. On the pearl.org.in website, you will find all pearls that may affect your horoscope positively and make your life stress-free. Thus, this month is for birthdays, graduations, celebrations, anniversaries, and weddings. Now, you are aware of all three birthstones and able to select one as per your requirements.

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