How To Clean Store and Repair Pearl Jewellery

How To Clean, Stone And Repair Pearl Gemstone Jewelry


Jewelry lovers esteem pearl stone for its natural fineness. It is an ancient stone with a reputation for enhancing self-esteem and promoting love.

Unlike other hard gemstones, pearl gemstone is a soft mineral that has a low rating on the Mohs scale. It is softer and scratches, cracks, and breaks easily.

The handling, storage, and cleaning of pearl stone determine its durability. Jewelry with this gemstone is fragile and requires special care in wearing, cleaning, and storing. With good care, this stunning jewelry enhances your life and promotes beauty for a long time.

Care Daily for Pearl Stone Jewelry

The composition of pearl stone makes the jewelry prone to scratching or cracking when exposed to an external force. Avoid exposure to robust activities while wearing pearl stone.

When performing household chores, gardening, or sports, remove any pearls stone rings or bracelets to avoid exposure to impact.

Keep pearls stone jewelry away from cleaning agents. They contain chemicals and acids that corrode soft gemstones. Any contact with chemicals or acids causes the jewelry to lose their glimmer.

Keep bleaching agents away from pearls stone jewelry to avoid discoloration. Here sharing information about how to clean, store and repair pearl gemstone jewelry.

Storing this gemstone with other gemstones, especially hard gemstones (like diamonds), puts the pearls stone at risk of scratches.

Pearl stones are also at risk of coming into contact with the other elements of the jewelry. To ensure the safety of pearl stone jewelry, get a jewelry box with separate sections, so gemstones don’t come into contact with each other.

Use a fine lining to cover the surface of the jewelry box to protect the natural pearl stone sets, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or rings.

With the sensitive nature of the pearl stone, wrapping each piece of jewelry with a fine cloth before storing it in a jewelry box improves protection. Use these methods to keep pearls jewelry safe when not in use.

How to Clean Pearl stone Jewelry

Cleaning jewelry is a cautious process, but not necessarily stressful. Since pearl stones have cleavage, keep them away from steam and ultrasonic cleaners. Add several drops of mild detergent to a bowl or glass of warm water to make a gentle solution.

Put jewelry in the solution and leave it to soak for a few minutes. Leaving pearls in the gentle solution loosens sticky dirt and other oils that may have accumulated while preventing cleavage line cracks.

Avoid scrubbing the stone Against Hard Substances:

If the pearl stone has sticky dirt that is not removable by soaking alone, use a soft brush to clean it. Use warm water to rinse pearls jewelry. Dry it gently with a soft cloth. Ensure the stone does not knock against surfaces during cleaning.

Pearls are sensitive to heat and sudden temperature changes, as well, and subjecting jewelry to these hazards easily causes cracks and reduces the lifetime of pearl stone jewelry.


How To Repair Pearl Gemstone Jewelry

In case any precious pearl stone jewelry gets scratched or has other minor damages, all is not lost. Jewelry experts easily fix these flaws.

There are times when such flaws are beyond thorough repair, but in most cases, the gemstone can be restored to its former condition or at least very close to that state.

Professional jewelers also fix loose stones. Typically, it is during the cleansing process that loose stones become apparent.

If a professional jeweler has the opportunity to fix this right away, stones are not likely to be lost forever. Stones that are lost are replaceable.

Contact a professional jeweler if pearls stone jewelry is discolored, dull, or has stubborn stains. Also, if any stone is loose or missing, mention this and ask about the cost of restoring the gemstone and the jewelry item.

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