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Pearl Stone: A Composition of Aragonite And Conchiolin


 Pearl is one of nine gemstones of Astrology. In reality, a pearl is not a mineral, but it is a composition of two minerals, named – Aragonite (calcium carbonate) and Conchiolin (protein). Nacre (mother-of-pearl) is the combination of both the minerals. Thus, a pearl is a mixture of calcium and protein (oxygen). Both natural and cultured pearls are assembled with several protective layers of nacre around the irritant (the core of the pearl).

Origin of a pearl

A pearl produces by oysters or mollusks. An irritant stuck between two shells (oyster) and after some time, it starts covering by the layers of nacre. These layers formed around the irritant after a certain period. When these pearls become hard then it takes the shape of a pearl. These layers of nacre make a pearl beautiful and shimmery.

Pearls are formed in two types. First is the natural type, which means pearls are producing by following a natural process. They are natural pearls. They take five to six years in assembling. Another type of pearls is cultured pearls. They are produced, when pearls grow in farms by the involvement of human beings. In both types, a composition of Aragonite and Conchiolin is used for the formation of a pearl. Hence, calcium and protein play an important part in the production of pearls. The size, color, and shape of the pearls depend on the type of aragonite and conchiolin.

Natural Pearls

Natural pearls are very rare to find because from the thousands of oysters only one or two can store a pearl in them. When an irritant stuck into the oyster by itself, then a natural pearl formed. The irritant may be in the form of sand or a piece of food grain. After stocking between the shells, irritant covers by the thin layers of nacre (a mixture of aragonite and conchiolin). This layer makes a pearl. Therefore, a pearl is a mixture of calcium and protein. Natural pearls can take more than five years in the formation of a pearl. This is the only reason that they are very expensive in the market.

Cultured pearls

These are man-made pearls. Not fully cultured pearl is made by man but only its core is manmade. Another process is done by the oysters itself. A seed is inserted between the oysters and they work as the irritant for the pearl. This irritant starts covering by the layers of the mixture of aragonite and conchiolin. They take less than a year in assembling. They are of two types, first is the Freshwater Cultured Pearls and the other is the Saltwater Cultured Pearls. Freshwater Cultured Pearls are cultivated in the freshwater of rivers, lakes, or ponds, and take five to six years in producing a pearl. Saltwater Cultured Pearls are cultivated in the reserved area of the ocean (saltwater). It takes fifteen to twenty years in producing a pearl.


Real versus Fake Pearls

Today more than 90% pearl market is covered by the cultured pearls. The finding difference between natural and cultured pearl is very difficult. They both are similar to each other. But to find the pearl that it is natural or cultured, you can check from its core. Break a pearl to see and check the layer of it. Other pearls are also available in the market that may be made of other materials, like ceramics or plastics. That is called imitation pearls. You can find that the pearl is natural or made with other material then you can do a ‘tooth’ test on a pearl. Rub a pearl in front of your tooth. If it feels smooth then it is fake pearl and if the feels are slightly gritty then it is an original pearl.

As per Vedic Astrology, a pearl signifies the Moon planet and the birthstone of the month of June. It is the best gift to give them, who born in June. It is the stone for the zodiac sign Gemini and Cancer. If someone has a weak moon in his/her horoscope, then wearing a pearl will help to make the moon strong in his/her horoscope. It is the anniversary stone of the 1st, 12th, and 30th marriage anniversary. Therefore, a pearl symbolizes purity, health, wealth, good luck, fortune, innocence, and honesty in life. is a website that offers certified pearls at affordable prices.

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