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Should Pearl Be Worn During Chandra Mahadasha?


Pearl or Moti stone has always captivate everyone’s imagination with its indisputable elegance and beauty. It is considered to be the birthstone for the month of June. Pearl stone belongs to planet moon and helpful to whose who facing problems during Chandra Mahadasha.

Apart from  wear as the birthstone for the month of June, people, especially women please wear it for all auspicious occasions.

The soft and tiny pieces of pearl look commendable when wrap around the neck as the necklace or in the finger as the ring.

Owing to the benevolent metaphysical and physical properties of the pearl stone, people of all generations have infatuate by the grace of this stone. Pearl relates to the planet Moon, which signifies peace, calmness, wisdom, intellect and sound health.

Moon treasures all its magical forces within the stone pearl on the earth. So, if you are willing to intake the power of the planet Moon in your life, then wear moon blessed pearl stone.

Should Pearl be worn during Chandra Mahadasha?

Considering the fact that pearl stone belongs to the planet Moon. People presume that wearing pearl stone mitigate the ill-effects created by the Moon or Chandra in their Rashi.

Chandra or Moon evokes negative or destructive forces. Someone’s life if it is badly align in your Rashi or birth chart.

A wrongly place or align moon may create several problems in your life. Such as depression, health issues, anger, estrangement in mother-son relations.

These all problems occur if the moon is being aligned at the contrary houses of birth chart or during Chandra mahadasha. Chandra Mahadasha is an adverse situation in which moon is wrongly placed in your birth-chart which induces several predicaments in your life.

Nonetheless, to mitigate these problems created due to Chandra mahadasha, one should wear moon endorsed pearl stone. Wearing pearl stone will amp up the force of the potential planet Moon in the birth chart of a person. And free him/her to get rid off the dangerous consequences of the Chandra Mahadasha.

Hence, if you or anyone in your family is suffering from the misfortunes. The moon or Chandra then ask him/her or wear moon govern stone pearl to nullify the malefic effects of the Chandra Mahadasha.


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